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Vaasthu shaastra is an ancient traditional architectural science born and developed in India. Vaasthu shaastra deals with the architectural and engineering needs of any structure. The word Vaasthu is derived from Sanskrit word ‘VAS’ that means to dwell and Vasthu means earth. Shaastra means science. Vaasthu shaastra has its origin in Stapatya Veda, from Adharvana Veda, which is one of the four Vedas. Vaasthu Shaastra means the science of all “matter and energy” and “time and space” in the universe and its use of creating dwellings, temples, forts, monumental structures, and even vehicles.

In ancient days very few people have access to sacred texts and religious books like Vedas. Only priests, saints, some of upper cast people were able to know the real knowledge of Vedas and other shaastras (sciences). It was impossible to teach the real science to all the people in the country at that time. They have selected a rude way of representation of Vaasthu principles to those ignorant people in order to make them happy, prosperous, and wealthy. It is said that constructing against each Vaasthu principles will causes serious lose of health and wealth and even lives to the dwellers of that house.
Vaasthu science is not superstitious and is rational and scientific.

This website give you the gist of vaasthu science and the scientific base present in all norms of the vaasthu.

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