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  Astrological base:
The recent Vaasthu Scientists who modified the ancient text were Varahamihira, Sanathkumara, Bhoja raja, and Manasara. Varahamihira the great Indian mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and astrologer contributed in developing Vaasthu shaastra a lot who lived in ujjain from 505 to 575 A.D. out of his most famous works Pancasiddhantika dealt with astronomy and the other Brihatsamhitha contains descriptions of heavenly bodies, their movements and conjunctions, meteorological phenomena. These intellectuals took meteorological and astronomical data into account in designing the Vaasthu principles.

Professor Tony Nader from Maharshi Vedic University has discovered a precise one-to-one relationship of brain physiology to its cosmic counter parts of the structure and function of the cosmos. The sun, moon and all other planets have a one-to-one relationship to the different parts of the brain namely, basal ganglia, thalamus and hypothalamus as per recent findings.

  Astronomical base:
The vaasthu scholars allotted the specific positions for planets in each direction according to their properties.
Astrological reason scientific reason
Jupiter to Northeast  
Sun to east  
Venus to southeast  
Mars to south  
Neptune to southwest  
Saturn to west  
Moon to northwest  
Mercury to north